In this course you will learn about:

  • The social and emotional effects of the pandemic on students

  • The importance of knowing the different experiences students have had during lockdown

  • About the importance of well-being as a pre-requisite for academic learning

  • Developing a trauma toolkit

  • Physical, emotional and cognitive safety

  • How to improve students' resilience

  • Practical coping strategies

In addition, you will receive a six-week, fully resourced Recovery Curriculum


  • Daily calm sessions

  • Secrets of Success Activities

  • Coping strategies

  • Character virtues activities

  • Journaling activities

  • Daily physical activities

  • e book: Secrets of Success

  • e book: 40 Ways to Build Resilience

Course leader

Associate Consultant

Lesley Minervini

In an education career spanning over twenty years, Lesley has worked with teachers throughout the UK and internationally including, Iraq, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Dubai. Lesley is well known for her passionate belief that all children should have the chance to reach their potential. Consequently we should strive to help them develop, the right tools, attitudes and knowledge, through exciting and memorable learning opportunities. Since successfully completing the Professional Training of School Inspectors, Lesley has worked with a wide range of schools, and was praised by HMI for her work in supporting schools in challenging circumstances, to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Her considerable experience of leading training events often results in regular invitations to return to work with individual and groups of schools, support staff and Head Teachers. Lesley has a particular expertise in the area of physical education and physical activity and has authored many nationally recognised resources in this field. This work is becoming increasingly important as the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle manifest themselves in our children. Lesley has worked with schools to improve the physical development of children but also the links to cognitive development in younger children. Advising schools on how to maximise the power of the sport premium and ensure sustainable positive outcomes for children is a particular focus in high demand. Lesley has collaborated with Chris in organising training courses for schools. This collaboration was largely founded on a recognition that they share a very similar ethos on how education should be shaped and delivered for future generations.

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