Find out how lesson observations can be used within the context of the Ofsted framework to help judge the quality of education. Using 12 principles, Chris will give you a comprehensive overview of the research Ofsted has used to create its inspection framework and provide 30 areas of focus for you to choose from when observing lessons.

Find out about...

  • Long-term memory and the importance of prior knowledge in a teaching sequence.

  • Why it is that some things are easier for students to learn than others and how teaching approaches need to take account of this.

  • How cognitive load theory can be incorporated into decisions about teaching.

  • Why novices think differently to experts and how this can affect progression.

  • The importance of appropriate tasks.

  • Techniques to reduce extraneous cognitive load, including teacher input and the learning environment

  • How assessment should relate to your curriculum intent.

  • Features of effective feedback (also with reference to workload)

  • Effective in-lesson adaptations.

  • The role of subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in effective teaching.

Find out how to judge the quality of education through lesson observations

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