In this course you will learn...

  • The latest cognitive science research into how we learn and its implications for curriculum design and implementation (teaching).

  • The course will centre around the premise that learning is a change to long-term memory; it takes a long time to happen and is invisible to see in the short term.

  • This will be explored through 5 cognitive principles:

  • Cognitive Principle 1: We are naturally curious but poor at thinking

  • Cognitive Principle 2: Knowledge is the basis for creativity

  • Cognitive Principle 3: We remember what we think about

  • Cognitive Principle 4: Proficiency takes practice

  • Cognitive principle 5: Most students think and learn in a similar way

  • The course is teaming with examples to help you think about your curriculum and the way that it is taught

  • Includes 76 practical take-aways to help implement the ideas in your school

Make Learning Stick

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