What does effective writing across the curriculum entail? How can students use writing to learn deep curriculum content in all subjects? How can subjects across the curriculum provide an authentic context for cohesive writing? This highly practical, evidence-based course will help you to teach your students to write effectively across the curriculum and, in doing so, help them to develop a deep understanding of the topics they write about. This is a recording of a live webinar.

Find out about...

  • The principles and importance of writing to learn

  • How writing improves students' reading, speaking and thinking

  • The importance of deliberate, sequenced writing practice across the curriculum

  • Why sentence-level writing is much more effective than genre-level writing across the curriculum

  • How to use curriculum content to drive writing activities

  • How to use grammar and punctuation to help deepen curriculum knowledge

  • Progression from sentences to expanded elaboration using curriculum content

  • How to model effective sentence expansion using curriculum content

  • The power of the basic conjunctions: because, but and so.

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